Pink Ribbon Pins

I have had several friends and a family member diagnosed with breast cancer in the last few years.  One of my friends was organizing a benefit for one of these women, and I wanted to contribute.  I didn’t have a lot of time, so hats were out of the question.  I decided to stick with the familiar pink ribbon and try to improve upon the traditional pin which typically consists of a small pit of fraying pink ribbon.  I wanted a pin that would last and could be worn for more than just the day.

This is a super simple item, and is great to use as a favor, a gift, or sold at a small price for a breast cancer benefit.  The thread color can be changed to match any of the ribbon awareness campaigns.


Size 10 pink cotton thread

Hook:  You can use any hook size that you like.  I used a size 1, but I crochet VERY tightly.  I generally hook up 2 sized on every pattern.

Ch 42

Row 1: DC in 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across (40 DC)

Weave in ends.

Place a small dot of  fabric glue one third of the way up one end of the ribbon and fold the other end over to make the ribbon shape.  Use another small dot of glue to attach a pin to the back side of the pin.



You can also embellish the pin by gluing a sequin or crystal to front where the ribbon sides intersect.



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