Newborn Turtle Photo Prop (Free Pattern Review)

One of the other projects that I am working on is a gift for my niece who should be born any day.  My sister loves turtles, so I wanted to surprise her with a turtle photo prop for their newborn photo shoot.  I have finished the shell part of this project, but I am not using the hat pattern that goes with it.

I looked at several patterns Ravelry and elsewhere.  I decided to use the Turtle Love    pattern on Stitch11.   The pattern is simple, but the finished project is gorgeous!  I was able to finish the project quickly, which is important to someone with very limited crocheting time.


The pattern consists of directions for making a pentagon motif using two colors.  I used Snuggly Wuggly in Silly Sprite for the inside color and Snuggly Wuggly Cool Baby for the outside color.



You then stitch the motifs together with a third color.  I used Bernat Baby Softee in Lemon.


The pattern was originally made for a preemie, but states that it is for newborn or preemie.  I was going to use Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly and Bernat Softee Baby, both of which are DK yarns, and I was making it for a baby who was full term.  Since I crochet super tight, I decided that I would need to modify the pattern and hook up in order to get a finished project that would be usable for a human baby.

The pattern calls for a G hook, so I would normally use an I, but since I was striving for a bigger size, I used a size K.  I also used DC instead of HDC, but that was due to personal preference.

The first round calls for 8 hdc in a magic circle, but I used 10.  I could not get 8 to work into a pentagon in the round 2, but 10 worked perfectly.  The only other changes I made, were that I used a slip stitch to join the pentagons instead of a single crochet, and I did a DC border around the entire shell.  These were also for personal preference, because I wanted less height on the joining stitches, but I wanted the edging to be thicker.

I will definitely use this pattern again in the future.  The finished product is beautiful, and I enjoyed making it.  I can’t wait to see some photos of my little niece in it!




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