What I’m Working On 9/7/2016

I didn’t have as much time to crochet last week.  My baby girl was hospitalized with a respiratory infection, so she needed my attention and snuggles more than she needs a new bathrobe.

My plan was to redo the hood, but the more I looked at the robe, the more I decided I didn’t like the sleeves.  I had just made the sleeves the same circumference from shoulder to wrist.  They were just too wide at the bottom.  I redid one of the sleeves decreasing a few stitches in the first few rounds and I am much happier with how they look.

I also got one half of the hood finished.

My goal is to finish the other half of the hood tonight and at least start the second sleeve. Maybe, if I’m really lucky, I can finish both!

I am also working on writing up the pattern, so I can post it as soon as I have a finished project.


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