Wine Cork Cat Toys

It’s been awhile since my last post.  Between a sick family and craziness at work, I’ve barely had time to crochet!  

I wanted to post a great charity pattern that’s great for cleaning out those scraps we all keep around “just in case.”  I just can’t get rid of good yarn, and this pattern gives me a great reason to keep it around. It also combines two of my favorite things: wine and crochet! 

The link to the original pattern is here:
I modified the pattern a little.  I used an I hook and double crochets (8 per round).  This also means fewer rounds.  For some of the toys, I did DC, Ch 1 around skipping every other stitch to create “windows.”  I also added tassels to some.  

The toys work up very quickly. You could probably finished one or two toys before you finish one glass of cab!


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