Free Yarn

I’m pretty happy today.  I just earned my fourth $25 Michaels gift card for taking surveys on Yougov.  For the most part, I give my crochet items away or make them for my daughter.  The yarn costs add up, especially when the project calls for specialty yarns or materials other than acrylic.  The surveys take me about 5-10 minutes, and I get several each week.  Most of the time they are about electronics or restaurants, but sometimes they are about politics or other current events, and each one is worth 250-500 points.  They have several gift cards to choose from and different values for the gift cards.  I always save up 30,000 points and get a $25 Michaels card.

Anyway, I thought that I would post the link here in case anyone who happens to read this is interested in earning gift cards.  If you sign up through my link, we each get 2,000 points.


Here is my referral link


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