New Feature! Video Tutorials

I have been asked about posting video tutorials of my patterns a few times, and I finally decided to give it a try.  I posted my first one to YouTube today.  The tutorial is for how to begin my Giant Christmas Stocking  pattern.  I am going to do a series of videos for this pattern, since it is a larger project.

It’s really hard to crochet in front of the video camera.  I found myself getting all turned around from trying to watch what I was doing through the video rather than looking straight at my project.  It was also difficult to keep holding my work so that it could be properly seen.  I’m sure I will get better with practice.  When I do, I may redo my early ones!

Here is the link to my first video tutorial:

Giant Christmas Stocking Tutorial- Part 1

I also added a shortened version just explaining how to do the front post double Crochet

How to Crochet Front Post Double Crochet


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