What I’m working on 7/22/17

We’ve had some rough family situations over the past few weeks, and I decided to create something beautiful as a means of combatting the negative. My husband’s grandma is a pretty special lady, and she is a huge Michigan fan.  I decided to make her a granny square afghan in maize and blue. 

 I wanted it to be done by the time we visit her next in February, so I chose to use a bulky yarn.  I love Loops and Threads Charisma.  It works up beautifully and it’s so soft.  I use it a lot for baby projects.  I had made one afghan with it previously, so I knew it would be perfect.  

I’m almost finished with the main afghan, and I’m trying to decide on a border.  I might try a few different stitch combinations.

I’m also still working on finishing my heart square scarf for my sister.  

I will post photos of both when I’ve finished! 


4 thoughts on “What I’m working on 7/22/17

  1. Go Michigan….
    hope you have a safe trip there and back. The thing I think I miss most about Michigan is my kids….the winters, the potholes everywhere and the crazy drivers I definitely don,t miss. Cant wait to see your finished projects


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