New Tutorials- Projects for Beginners

I have added several new tutorials to my Crochet Lessons for Beginners Playlist, including some pattern tutorials for some simple projects.  

I remember when I first started.  I hated just practicing rows without actually making anything.  I also remember how frustrating it was to start a pattern and have such slow progress that there was no end to my project in sight.  

I added tutorials for a basic single crochet square and a basic single crochet dishcloth.  Both patterns are very simple and work up more quickly than afghans or even scarves.  This will give brand new crocheters a chance to practice their new stitches and complete a project at the same time!  Hopefully that will alleviate some of the frustration that causes new crocheters to give up.  

Below are the links to both tutorials: 

Single Crochet Dishcloth Tutorial
Basic Single Crochet Square
I plan to post written directions for both patterns in the next few days. 


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