Single Crochet Dishcloth



I have seen a ton of requests for simple or beginning crochet patterns lately.  I’m active in several crochet groups on Facebook, and “What should my first project be?” seems to be a recurring question from newbies.

When I first started crocheting, doing repeating rows of stitches with no particular project in mind seemed to be a waste.  I didn’t think about smaller projects and started off trying to make a baby afghan.  It was SO frustrating, because I was slow, and even though it was a small afghan, it was still a big project.  I estimated that it would take me years to finish!

I encourage new crocheters to start with smaller projects like dishcloths or scarves to give them a chance to practice their stitches and to have that satisfaction of completing a project.

The following is a VERY simple crochet pattern for a dishcloth or washcloth.  The pattern is very adjustable, so if you prefer to have a larger or smaller dishcloth you can simply chain more or fewer to start the project.  You then simply crochet the same number of rows that you have stitches across.  If you don’t want a square shape, you can still chain 31, but simply add more rows on at the end.

Below I have the written pattern and a video tutorial.  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments!





Worsted Weight Cotton Yarn (I use Lily Peaches N Cream)

J Hook


Chain 31

Row 1: Skip the first chain and single crochet in the second chain from the hook.  Single crochet in each of the remaining chains across. (30 SC)

Rows 2-30: Chain 1, turn, single crochet in each stitch across (30 SC)






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