Continuous Granny Afghan- Free Pattern!


January brought a lot of bad news my way, and I needed a project to keep my hands and my mind busy.  I really wanted to make a gift for my husband’s grandma.  She loves Michigan football, so I thought I would make her a lapghan in Michigan colors.  I used a chunky yarn, because I only had a few weeks before we would be seeing her.  I also thought that a “granny” pattern would be appropriate for a grandma gift!

The lapghan worked up so fast, that it quickly became an afghan.  Granny squares are very easy to learn, so this is a great pattern for a beginner.  It starts with a basic granny square and just keeps adding round after round.  You can choose any color combination and can make your square as big as you like.  I do a few things a little different with my granny squares.  I chain 2 at each corner, instead of chaining one.  This prevents my corners from looking rounded.  I also turn with each round.  A lot of people notice a lean to their granny squares.  Turning after each round will prevent that.

I did include approximate numbers of rounds below  for an average sized baby blanked, lapghan, and small afghan.  My finished project measured about 60 x 60 (inches), which is plenty long and wide enough to cover a small to medium adult!  I covered myself with it while I was working on it, and it was so warm!  Hopefully it will keep Grandma warm for this winter and many more!

Below I have both the written pattern and the video tutorial.

Printable Version:

Continuous Chunky Granny Afghan Pattern


Continuous Granny Afghan Pattern:


Yarn: Loops and Threads Charisma (bulky / 5), I used dark blue and yellow (between 12-20 skeins total, depending on the size of your project)

Hook: Size L

Color Pattern:  You can choose to do as many or few colors as you like.  For the afghan pictured I used 2 colors.  I started my center with 4 rounds of dark blue.  After that I repeated a pattern of 2 rounds of yellow, followed by 3 rounds of dark blue.

Approximate number of Rounds

For a baby afghan: 19 rounds, approximately 36 x 36 inches

For a lapghan: 26 rounds, approximately 48 x 48 inches

For a  small afghan: 36 rounds, approximately 60 x 60 inches



Start with a Magic Circle/Loop

Round 1: Chain 3 (counts as first DC in this round and in all rounds following), 2 DC, chain 2, 3 DC, chain 2, 3 DC, chain 2, 3 dc, chain 2, join to top of first set of chains (first DC) with slip stitch

Round 2: Chain 3 and turn, 2 DC in first 2 chain space (corner), chain 2, 3 DC in same space, *chain 1, 3 DC, chain 2 3 DC in next chain 2 space, repeat from * around

Round 3 and all subsequent rounds: Chain 3 and turn, work 2 DC, chain one.  You will work 3 DC in each chain one space around and 3 DC, Chain 2, 3 DC in each corner.   You will chain one in between each set of DC, except at the corners where you will chain 2.

When your blanket has reached the size you prefer, simply finish off at the end of your round.

Video Tutorial:



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