WIP Wednesday- 2/22/2017

I have been busy with so many projects the last few weeks!  I finished the afghan I was working on for my husband’s grandma and got to deliver it in person.  I did not finish my heart square scarf, yet.  My poor sister will have to wait just a little bit longer.  Ooops!

In the meantime I got distracted with a few other projects.  I made these adorable hats for some special cousins who came to visit. IMG_9238.JPG

I used LionBrand Hometown USA in Wolverine.  (Seemed like an appropriate choice for a souvenir from a trip to Michigan) I am working on writing up the pattern, and I plan to make one in Jayhawk for myself or my daughter or both!

I have finished several more video tutorials showing crochet basics, including tutorials for half double crochet, treble crochet, crocheting in the round both using a series of chains and using a magic loop, and how to make a granny square.  I’ve also been working on basic double crochet beanie patterns for all sizes in written patterns and videos. Unfortunately, it takes forever to upload.  I have several queued up, so hopefully they will all be posted soon.  My video tutorials can be found here:

I have also been working on adding sizes to my  Floppy Ear Bunny Hat (Bulky Yarn).

I tweaked my Toddler Bathrobe Pattern and started working on the next size up, and on Sunday, I restarted a huge project that I have been working on.  It was going to be an afghan of joined mini-grannies (first round of a granny square), but I decided to do it using double crochets instead.  I have an idea for a handbag or tote, but that will have to wait until I finish up a few of the projects I have started!





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