WIP Wednesday

Accountability time!  I have finished some projects in the last week (really since my belated WIP Wednesday posted on Friday). However, I’ve also started a new one.

I did get sizes and some of the video tutorials added to my fuzzy bunny hat pattern. Now I need to attach a few ears, tuck some tails, and get the finished hats delivered to my little nieces. 

Unfortunately my other WIPs are still in progress.  However, I have gotten a lot of work done on my bathrobe.  Photos of the finished robe, the written pattern for the new size and the video tutorial will all be posted by the end of the weekend. I am absolutely loving the colors of the robe!  That’s really surprising me, because I was not sure about the color choice when I made it. 

I posted photos of my progress on instagram this morning, so I won’t repost those here.  (IG username: kbcrochet16)

I have also done a good amount of work on my large surprise project.  I think I mentioned that I started a project 2 years ago and haven’t finished it.  I completely changed my method and restarted it last month.  I’m already past the point I was on the original.   I won’t be posting what is until it’s done.  Here’s a little peak, though! 

I did start a new project that I’m really excited about, my first handbag!  I’m almost done with the base and hope to start the body this weekend.  

Hopefully next WIP Wednesday will have an update about more finished projects!  I’m going to try really hard not to start any new ones, although I have a few fantastic pattern ideas and a million pinned on my Pinterest account. How awesome are all of the Easter and spring patterns right now?



2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Love it! You sound like I usually am with starting projects! I actually had to force myself recently to NOT start anything new until I’ve finished one. It’s been very hard but I’m still holding strong – okay not really – I started a very cute spring sweater for my mother in law on Monday – oh well 😀

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