Crochet Tutorials

Want to learn how to crochet or master a new stitch or technique?  Below are a list of my crochet lesson tutorials.  (Please note, all tutorials are in US Terms)

I will keep adding to this list as I post them!


The playlist below includes all of my beginning crochet tutorial plus simple patterns and projects that use each of the skills as you learn:

Below are links to individual lessons, so you can easily find a specific video that you may be looking for:

  1. Before You Begin
  2. How to Chain
  3. Single Crochet
  4. Double Crochet
  5. Slip Stitch and Finishing Off
  6. Half Double Crochet (HDC)
  7. Treble Crochet
  8. Crochet in The Round (Starting with Chains)
  9. Magic Circle (Magic Loop/ Magic Ring)
  10. Granny Square

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