WIP Wednesday- 3/17/2016

I have so many ideas and so little crochet time!  I have managed to make progress on several of my WIPs in the last week, and I have also resisted the urge to start a new project.

IMG_9710My daughter’s bathrobe is done.  The pattern is published and the video tutorials are taped.  I’m waiting on a little editing to get those published!  I feel great about having this project done!  Now to start the next size before she outgrows this one…

I have gotten a little further on my surprise project.  I’m hoping to have that finished in the next month, so it can be hand-delivered to the recipient when I have the opportunity.

I did add another tutorial for my fuzzy bunny hat.  I now have video tutorials posted for size 3-6 month, 6-12, and 1-3 years.  I have one more to tape and post before I have a tutorial for every size of the written pattern.  Next I need to do the written pattern and tutorial for polar bear ears using the same beanie pattern and yarn.

The handbag I started may be evolving into a beach or library tote.  I haven’t decided.  I love projects like that!  We’ll see what happens as I continue to work on it.  I will certainly keep you posted.

In other news, my husband is working on a few projects for me, too!  He’s got a cool hook design project in the works.  I also gave him a general graph request and he has made me several really cool graphs.  Now I need to test them out!  That’s the biggest temptation I have right now.

I need to get motivated to finish my heart scarf for my sister, the ami mobile for my niece before she outgrows it, and video tutorials for all of the basic beanie sizes.

I would eventually like to add tutorials for all of my patterns.  I’m not sure where to start though, I’m thinking maybe the Broadway beanie.

What’s everyone else working on?  What tutorials or patterns would you like to see?


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