Busy Week!

I feel like I am so far behind on getting patterns and videos posted.  I have several patterns that just need to be typed up and videos waiting for edits!   I apologize if anyone is waiting for the remaining videos for my bathrobe pattern.  Last week was such a busy week!  We had a lovely round of stomach flu hit our house.  No one in the world can prepare a non-parent for the horrors of a toddler with a stomach bug.  I followed that up with a trial which ate the rest of my work week.  Then over the weekend I had dance competition with my dancers.  I did get a little crocheting done, but not a ton.  I got zero projects completed.

The week also derailed by husband from his video editing project, so unfortunately I didn’t get to post any of my new videos.  Hopefully he will be able to get at least the second part of my 2T/3T bathrobe finished.  He’s also working on an intro section for all of my videos, so I may be taking some of my older tutorials down and replacing them with new ones after he edits them.  They are so much better with his help.  Here is my first ever tutorial and the one that he has helped me with.  (Hopefully he wants to keep doing them!!)


My first tutorial


My most recent tutorial, edited by my husband


Anyway, I apologize again for the lack of updates and new content last week.  Hopefully we are back on track this week!

In the meantime, I thought I would ask what people would rather see:

  1. New patterns
  2. Sizes added to the hat patterns I currently have (Broadway beanie, Fox Beanie, Heart Hat)
  3. Video tutorials for my older patterns
  4. Something else entirely (please let me know what that “something else is”)

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