WIP Thursday- 4/6/16

Alright, so WIP Thursday does NOT sound as good as WIP Wednesday, but I need some accountability!  I have been pretty busy with my law practice and my dance job lately, so crocheting has been slow at best.  

I’ve got a few graph projects I’m working on, but both are presents so they are top secret for now!  I still haven’t finished my sisters scarf either.  It’s hard to work on scarves in the spring!  

I have spent some time experimenting with wire crochet.  It’s been a great new challenge and is a LOT harder than I expected.  It’s very difficult to get good consistent stitches.  The challenge seems to motivate me, though!  

I have also been working on my basic beanies.  I need to get the written patterns for the 0-3 month, 3-6 month, and 6-12 month sizes posted.  I have the videos for the first two published, but I haven’t added them to the menu on this site.  

I will be recording the 6-12 month tutorial as soon as I can.  I’m really excited, because my husband got me a new microphone to use.  He’s taken over my video editing and is doing an amazing job.  With the microphone, he won’t have to go back through and try to delete or diminish the background noise as much.  

The third part of my bathrobe pattern is cut and assembled, but he still has to finish the audio edits.  I hope to have that published in the next few days! 

What is everyone else working on?  Are you  switching to more spring and summer patterns?  What do you think will be the big summer trend and will it match the messy bun hat craze we saw over the winter? 


4 thoughts on “WIP Thursday- 4/6/16

  1. I usually have no idea what’s trending LOL – I would say Festival tops or Boho style anything since that’s what I’ve been noticing. But like I said, those may have been the trend 2 years ago and I’m just getting hip to it now. 😀

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