Update and WIPs

My schedule hasn’t eased up any over the last few weeks.  I apologize to those who are waiting on additional sizes for my bathrobe pattern. That’s the next item on my crochet blog agenda! 

I’ve been working on two graph projects and a cardigan, but I’ve only had a few minutes each week to crochet. Seriously, maybe a half hour tops for the week. I miss it, and I hope once recital is done, I can get back on track! 

This is the cardigan I’m working on.  I might have it finished by the time cold weather comes back!  It’s hard to imagine needing it on these 90 degree days! 

I’m using bamboo blend yarn that was in my Easter basket.  It’s SO soft and works up beautifully.  This should be one cozy sweater! 

This is one of the graph projects I’ve been working on.  It will eventually be a series of graphs with birds on them. When I’m finished, I will join them to make an afghan. I’ve been playing around with the idea of making this a crochet along.  Anyone interested?  

My husband had the idea to get me the yarn sleeves, they actually work better for me when graph crocheting than bobbins do.  They keep my yarn from unraveling and getting tangled when I have to store it. He’s a genius!  He also made all of my graphs.  I feel so lucky that he not only supports my hobbies, but participates!  (He also cuts my music for my dance classes) 

What’s everyone else working on?  


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