No-Sew Buttons! New video tutorial

I love using buttons to accent my projects.  I use them on all of my popsicle holders and on some of my hats.  There are a ton of really cute shank buttons out there in for cartoon characters, animals, hobbies.

img_0018-1However, I absolutely hate sewing them on.  When I finish crocheting, it’s hard enough to motivate my self to weave in any ends that didn’t get crocheted over, let alone want to sew on a button and deal with the thread ends.  (I know, lazy, right?)  I’m also worried that they won’t be secure enough on items that I make for young children, and I certainly don’t want to give them choking hazards.

My solution is to crochet the button right onto the work as I go.  Then it’s definitely secure, and the button will already be attached when I’m finished with no extra ends to weave in! Plus, I don’t have to worry about matching thread or finding my sewing needles.

Here is how I do this:


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