Follow It Friday! Crafty Surf

It’s Friday!  I have been seeing a lot of posts from other bloggers for Follow It Friday.  They post about the blogs that they follow.  I would love to share some of my favorites!

For my first Follow It Friday, I chose to feature Crafty Surf.

How I found this blog:  I found Crafty Surf through WordPress.  I think it was in the early days of my own blog.

Why I follow this blog: Crafty Surf is one of my favorite blogs to read, because it’s so unique and different.  She posts a lot about surfing and surf related crafts, subjects which I know next to nothing about.  She’s in Florida, and I’m in Iowa, so she also has materials available and beautiful scenery photos which couldn’t be more different than what’s common for me.  She also posts a wide range of crafts from sewing, to shell polishing and jewelry, to macrame and so many others, whereas I focus entirely on crochet.

How this blog has inspired me:  Crafty Surf encourages me to think outside of my normal range.  When I started my blog, 90% of my projects were infant hats and costume props.  A specific example of an idea I’ve had since following is to use the thread she recommends in the post I linked to above to make outdoor items for my deck.  (It’s on my three mile long list, I swear). People outside of the midwest are often surprised to hear this, but Iowa is not a dry state.  We have ridiculous humidity, along with unbearable heat, in the summer.  Who better to learn about water friendly fibers from than a surfer?

Why I recommend following this blog:  In addition to the reasons stated above, I am always seeing posts on my Facebook groups from warm weather climate crafters looking for ideas.  While it may be hot and humid in Iowa right now, the Midwest can all identify with the House Stark motto: “Winter is Coming” and soon we will all be making hats and scarves and afghans.  If you live in a warm climate and struggle for ideas, Crafty Surf is full of them!

Bonus:  You can also follow her on Instagram, for more beautiful photos

Hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do.  Stay tuned for more Follow It Friday recommendations in the weeks to come!


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